At Home Bubble Activities For Babies & Toddlers

Summer is here and, you know what that means….PLAYTIME! Grab our Bubble Ooodles Starter Pack and start having fun at home with your babies, toddlers and bubbles!

Bubble Time At Home 

Get those bubbles out at home! Bubbles help our little ones with so many skills — hand/eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, and visual tracking skills.

There’s holding the wand and bottle, understanding how to dip and blow the wand; tracking the bubbles with their eyes; and using their hands to find and pop the bubbles.

Babies are mesmerized when they see floating bubbles. Blow bubbles in the air and catch them. This will hone their focusing skills and promote their hand-eye coordination as they stretch their arms, balance and point their little fingers trying to grab a bubble!

Toddlers love an extra challenge. Have toddlers balance on one foot to catch a bubble in the air. This will promote good coordination and balance.

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