Bubble Ooodles Refill - 8oz

Bubble Ooodles Refill - 8oz

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The Gymboree Play & Music Bubble Ooodles Refill is 8oz. Take the bubble fun home or to the classroom today!

Our special long-lasting Bubble Ooodles solution is non-toxic and cleans up with ease. For ages 3 and up.

The Bubbles Ooodles 8oz refill works with the Gymboree Play & Music Bubbles Ooodles wand and spill-proof tray.

Hey teachers! Flip the Bubbles Ooodles spill-proof tray over and you've got the perfect storage holder for your wand and bubble bottle! This is a great feature during class  --  simply set the Bubble Ooodles and wand in the holder between lessons!

Buy more than one Bubble Ooodles Starter Pack for classrooms, birthday parties and events!

Customer Reviews

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I used to Nanny and take my kiddos to gymboree classes and we LOVED the bubbles. Bought some for my son when he was young...amazing...HOWEVER...just bought some for my daughter. These bubbles are NOT THE ORIGINAL BUBBLES! I am incredibly upset that they changed the formula and sold me garbage....DO NOT BUY! THEY ARE NOT THE BUBBLES FROM THE PAST!!!!!

What happened?!?!

Overpriced, shipping on top makes it VERY EXPENSIVE, and do not seem to be the original formula AT ALL. I use the matching bubble blower and get hardly any bubbles, which pop immediately. Literally no difference from Dollar Tree bubbles!!! Email I sent to customer service regarding this issue was completely ignored. EXTREMELY disappointed. Feeling very ripped off!

Gymboree bubbles are the best!

We love the bubbles from Gymboree and our Gymbo doll! It is nice to have the bubbles at home since we cannot attend classes at
Gymboree currently due to the pandemic.


Bubble Ooodles Refill - 8oz


Bubbles were very poor quality. Not at all the nice thick solution that they used to be. The bubbles all pop immediately just like cheap bubbles. I am very disappointed because I was told by an employee over the phone that the bubble solution had not changed. Would really love a refund.