Bubble Ooodles Refill - 16oz

Bubble Ooodles Refill - 16oz

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The Gymboree Play & Music Bubble Ooodles Refill is 16oz. Take the bubble fun home or to the classroom today!

Our special long-lasting Bubble Ooodles solution is non-toxic and cleans up with ease. For ages 3 and up.

The Bubbles Ooodles 16oz refill works with the Gymboree Play & Music Bubbles Ooodles wand and spill-proof tray.

Buy more than one Bubble Ooodles Starter Pack for classrooms, birthday parties and events!

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Miranda Stanciu
Bubbles galore

Gymboree has the best bubbles on the market. They came promptly and are just as great as I remember

Ksenija Soster Olmer
Bubbles Fall Flat

What a terrible disappointment! I used to be a Gymboree teacher and bubbles were the best part of the play hour. You could not just blow them but stack them and pop them in your nose. They were long lasting. Sometimes you would find them on the carpet then next day. These bubbles are nothing like the bubbles I remember. In fact they are worse than cheep generic bubbles. They are thin and splatter fast. I bought these plus the big refill for my granddaughter. :-(

Rosalyn Francis
Not the classic bubbles

If you are hoping for the original gymboree bubbles, this is not it. It is much thinner and just as messy as grocery store bubbles. Save your money.

Omar Othman
Not good like it was

I bought this because I had bought same products from Gymboree store before. But it’s not the same anymore
Is not worth a dollar

Music with Kira
Ooodles of Bubbles are the BEST

I teach parent and me music classes and end with a bubble time. I have used Ooodles of Bubbles for over 20 years. There is nothing like them. I hope they stay around ALWAYS!