Bubble Ooodles with Wand and Tray, 4oz - Starter Pack
Bubble Ooodles with Wand and Tray, 4oz - Starter Pack
Blowing bubbles both big and small!
Blowing large bubbles with the Bubble Ooodles wand.
Gymboree Play & Music wand and bubbles set.
Fun in class with Bubble Ooodles!
Nothing better than getting some Bubble Ooodles in the mail!
Gymboree Play & Music Bubbles are so much fun!

Bubble Ooodles with Wand and Tray, 4oz - Starter Pack

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The Gymboree Play & Music Bubble Ooodles Starter Pack is only $9.99. Take the bubble fun home or to the classroom today!

What's included in Bubble Ooodles Starter Pack?

  • 1 bottle of Bubble Ooodles (4 oz.)*
  • Our one-of-a-kind bubble wand blows tiny bubbles from one end or large bubble from the other.
  • Spill-proof tray. 

*Our special long-lasting Bubble Ooodles solution is non-toxic and cleans up with ease. For ages 3 and up.

Hey teachers! Flip the Bubbles Ooodles spill-proof tray over and you've got the perfect storage holder for your wand and bubble bottle! This is a great feature during class  --  simply set the Bubble Ooodles and wand in the holder between lessons!

Buy more than one Bubble Ooodles Starter Pack for classrooms, birthday parties and events!



Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Best Bubbles

Having worked as a Gymboree teacher for 10+ years, I know these are the best bubbles, so I have to get some for the 2-year old triplets I teach :-)
I'm reading some of the reviews, and people are not using the blower correctly. DO NOT PUT YOUR MOUTH ON THE BLOWER -- IT WON'T WORK! Hold it close to your mouth, then blow through it. They really need to put this on the packaging. I used to have moms at Gymboree bring their blower back because "it didn't work", and I showed the the correct way.

Not the same!

I worked at The Little Gym and used these for every class. These are not the same. Bubbles don’t really stick or last. The bubble wand blows maybe a bubble. More air comes out than bubbles. Good thing I didn’t spend $40 on Amazon for these. Highly disappointed.


I’m very disappointed. These were the best bubbles when my boys were small and I was excited to buy them for my grandson. The wand and bubbles don’t work at all! So sad.

Don’t Bother

Gymboree has been a trusted brand for my family for over 20 years . We’ve used their bubbles a lot over the years. These are not the regular Gymboree bubbles . The blower is very cheap plastic and barely blows bubbles . You’re lucky if three bubbles come out and they barely blow out , they just sort of drop. They also aren’t the tough bubbles , just the regular type of bubbles. I’m so disappointed


We have used these in the past and they worked great. Our daughter loved them. This time we bought them for our niece and they didn’t work at all .